Terrarium Food Bowl w/ Ceramics Water Bowl



Brand: DoubleWood

Color: PACK of 2


  • HIGH QUALITY: Reptile feeding bowl is nicely glazed, high-density ceramic and harmless.
  • SIZE: Outside Diameter 2.75in/7cm, Height 0.78in/2cm; Internal Diameter 2.36in/6cm, Height 0.39in/1cm.
  • PREVENT ESCAPE FEATURE: Features Smooth Interior Surface and Inwardly Curved Walls, the Worms Make Difficult To Escape.
  • TARGET AUDIENCE: Ceramic worm dish is suitable for geckos, snakes, lizards, spiders, centipedes, chameleons, corn snakes, iguanas and other reptiles.
  • STAIN RESISTANT: Nonporous, smooth surface, does not breed harmful bacteria.

Package Dimensions: 51x86x113

Details: Note: The prevent escape design only suitable for crawling insects (the insects length please refer to the height of the dish) . Do not suitable for jumping insects (Cricket) and wings insects (Mantis, Beetle).
Material: Ceramics

Outside Size
S: Diameter 7 cm, Height 2 cm
Internal Size
S: Diameter 6cm, Height 1 cm

Making them perfect for holding food or water. Easy to clean and disinfect.
Package include: 2 * Dish

UPC: 717066459658