PAWMONA 60" Multi-Level Sturdy Cat Tree w/ Durable Natural Birch Wood, Scratching-Posts, Covered-Machine Washable




Color: Cream


  • There are four different levels where your cat can climb around or sit and watch the world go by. It can choose from a roomy den, which is perfect when it wants to get away from it all, one of the square platforms, or even the platform right at the top, which has a cosy snuggle bed.
  • This comfortable bed has a raised edge which your cat can lean against. It is a great place to snooze while still keeping one eye on what’s going on! All the cushions are easy to remove as they are attached with Velcro, and don’t worry if they get a bit dirty as they are machine washable
  • Pawmona Cat Tree Natural Condo has durable, square-shaped posts, covered with top quality, natural sisal. The posts are the perfect place for your cat to indulge its natural instincts to scratch, claw and sharpen its nails, and you won’t have to worry about damage to your furniture, carpets or wallpaper.
  • Pawmona Cat Tree Natural Cat Condo fits in with whatever your color scheme or décor is, and the clever, rectangular shape is space-saving as it can fit neatly into tight corners. The heavy baseplate is made from real wood and ensures good stability. The cat tree can also be attached to the wall with the included wall mount. This prevents it from wobbling and you can be sure it won’t fall over, even when under attack from the craziest, wildest cat! !
  • Made in Georgia

Package Dimensions: 381x584x22680

Details: Cat Tree Natural Cat Condo provides your pet with an amazing adventure playground. Made with quality, European craftsmanship, this stable cat tree is made from solid plywood and the clear lines of the square-shaped scratching post, platform and den make it stand out from other more conventional-looking cat trees.

UPC: 636601398590