Parrot Chewing Toy, Multicolored Wooden Blocks



Brand: SunGrow


  • ✔ STIMULATES YOUR PARROT MENTALLY & PHYSICALLY — Toys are a necessity for parrots. They provide essential physical activity so that our intelligent feathered pets stay healthy. Bird Chewing Toy by SunGrow provides opportunities for parrots in cage which they undertake when living in their natural habitat. There are several Multi-colored blocks in this single toy to entice your bird. These blocks are arranged in multiple layers to climb and explore.
  • ✔ REDUCES AGGRESSION & LONELINESS OF YOUR BIRDS — A parrot with nothing to do is a prime candidate for behavioral problems. Some parrots tend to be more destructive during certain times of the year usually during their breeding period. SunGrow’s bird chewing and preening toy is a perfect companion to keep your parrots busy, less destructive and have more fun hours.
  • ✔ BIRDS LOVE BRIGHT & COLORFUL TOYS — Parrots are visually very responsive. Bright colors attract them. They tend to explore more when they see vibrant colors which keep them stimulated mentally. Since birds love playing just like kids, they are always on the lookout for doing something rather than just sit around in their cage. This colorful bird toy gives them the right opportunity, making it the perfect toy for them.
  • ✔ EDIBLE, SAFE TO CHEW — It is important for the avian species that we keep something for them to chew on. In the wild, they engage in chiseling holes and tearing up branches. This is something innate to them. The wooden blocks chew toy by SunGrow is made from wood and cotton rope. So when they nudge on to their toy, it would satisfy their chewing needs. So if you don’t spot your green cheek outside playing, just hover a little inside. They might be hiding amongst the blocks and savoring them.
  • ✔ RIGHT SIZE FOR YOUR BIRD — The Bird Chewing Toy by SunGrow comes with a standard size of 40cm (15.7”) x 10cm (3.9”) and fits well in your beloved feathered pet’s cage. The included metal buckle holds this toy in place. Its crunch potential is ideal for small parrots and medium-sized, conure-sized bird. It is suggested for macaws, African grey cockatoos, and a variety of Amazon parrots as well.

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EAN: 0791043305152