Temperature Adjustable Reptile Heat Pad for 10-20gal/30-40gal Tank



Brand: Tikaton


  • UPGRADED DESIGN: Temperature can be adjusted manually. POWERFUL FUNCTION: Helps reptile for daily activity, appetite and metabolism. It can keep reptile tank warm without any harm to your pets and also won’t disturb animals sleep pattern.
  • Durable material: made of high quality PVC material, its soft surface can be flexible and folded. The heat mat is easy to clean, convenient to use and low energy.
  • ENERGY-SAVING: This heater uses a solid state nichrome heating element Which only use 8 watts of electricity and costs only pennies a day to operate. HIGH EFFICIENCY: High-quality heating wire heating, stable performance and long service life.
  • ATTENTION: Before using double-side tape to fix the tank, you must connect the power to let the surfaces of heating pad will be smooth so that paste better 3M sticker.
  • APPLICATIONS: Ideal heat source for desert and tropical species of reptiles, amphibians and arachnids.

Package Dimensions: 61x171x204

Details: Parameter:
Rated Voltage: 120V
Waterproof: IPX67
Frequency: 60Hz
Package included: 1* Reptile Heat Pad, 1* 3M adhesive paper
S: 6 x 8 inches, 120V, 8W L: 8x 12 inches, 120V, 16W XL: 8.5 x 18.5 inches, 120V, 24W

How to attach double-sided 3M adhesive:
1. Lie heat pad on flat surface.
2. Turn on the heat pad
3. As pad heats, the pad will become smoother and flatter which will make it easier to apply the 3M adhesive.

How to adjust the temperature of the pad:
Rotate the switch clockwise to turn on, then continue rotating clockwise to adjust temperature from low to high. Then rotate the switch counter clockwise to turn off.

1. When securing heat pad to terrarium make sure it is placed so that reptiles will not have direct contact with the heat pad.
2. For indoor use only.
3. Placing terrariums with an under-tank heat pad on household furniture may cause the furniture’s finish to discolor. Tikaton recommends using a terrarium stand.
4. For use on glass terrariums only. Do not use on wood, plastic, acrylic or any other type terrarium.

Note: The heating temperature of the pad will be affected by the environment, best results are obtained at a room temperature of about 68-86°F (20~30 °C) in winter and less than 113°F (45°C) in summer.

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